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«On a different shores. Book I»


On different shoresBOOK I

This book is about people. About their aspirations, dreams, love, treachery, and cunning. The half-forgotten legends of the past and the harsh reality of the upcoming war, the age-old rivalry... Read more

On different shoresBOOK II

Preparing for release in 2018. Read more

On different shoresBOOK III

Preparing for release in 2019. Read more

On different shoresBOOK IV

Preparing for release in 2020. Read more


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Daniel Foster

I was eleven when I first decided to write a book. I learned to read and wrote books quite early. And as it usually happens with almost every lover of reading, I also wanted to write something of my own. Of course, the result was also quite expected – after writing half the notebook and putting it in the box, I decided to return to this idea later. I did not abandon her at all. But all this time I was waiting for something: a standing idea, inspiration, the right moment, free time.

It was 14 years before I returned to my dream. It took me so much time to reach my awareness, to understand that no other activity has ever brought me so much sincere joy and did not inspire me, like working on a book.
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22 September 2017

I present to your attention a new, epic, powerful illustration from the permanent artist “On Different Shores” – Lopina Polina. We worked on it for a long time, but the result was worth it. By the way, the illustration can be used as wallpaper on the desktop. You can download the original here. Read more

3 July 2017

On different shores. Book I. Prologue Someone was watching him. Trail did not know how to explain this uneasy feeling that had arrived with the noonday sun. But he could have sworn by his powerful ancestors that right now someone’s eyes were stubbornly sliding over his lean back. Someone was watching him, and had been for a long time. It agitated him and was badly distracting him from fishing. He kept glancing at his axe lying nearby, while the rod in his hands twitched at every rustle, scaring away the prey that was ready to bite. Suddenly, there was a... Read more

16 June 2017
I wrote my book in the subway ..

I wrote my book in the subway. Crowds of people sweep past each other daily, among them managers, journalists, teachers, mechanics, artists, students, lawyers … but who there just is not. Standing in the subway car, I watched the expression of human faces and quite often found in them some kind of pressing fatigue, a dull irritation and a feeling of dissatisfaction. Feelings that at the end of the working day haunted me many times. Having said to himself a firm one: “Enough,” I turned on the tablet and wrote the first lines: “A bright multicolored flash blinded Bert. The... Read more

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