Daniel Foster

I was eleven when I first decided to write a book. I learned to read and wrote books quite early. And as it usually happens with almost every lover of reading, I also wanted to write something of my own. Of course, the result was also quite expected – after writing half the notebook and putting it in the box, I decided to return to this idea later. I did not abandon her at all. But all this time I was waiting for something: a standing idea, inspiration, the right moment, free time.

It was 14 years before I returned to my dream. It took me so much time to reach my awareness, to understand that no other activity has ever brought me so much sincere joy and did not inspire me, like working on a book.
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On my birthday, I asked my friends to give me a simple tablet for this purpose. And so, getting to work on the metro and back, I started writing straight in public transport. Actually, my first book is 80% written in the subway. So I was convinced in yet another truth – for creativity there is no need for any conditions. It is enough to write. Sometimes I regret that I did not understand this before. But on the other hand, maybe then I just was not ready for it.

I believe that each of us has a great potential, and creativity in any form is the best way to reveal it. But many are afraid to even try something new, especially if it goes against the routine of life and with the roles that society is imposing on us. Almost every person at least once attends the desire to write something, but only a few bring it to the end. We have heard many times that there are no barriers, except those that we invent ourselves. That we can change ourselves and the world around us, we just need to start and not stop. But a genuine understanding of this simple truth comes only with experience, with life experience. After personal experience, the book, in my opinion – is the best that invented humanity in order to give people the opportunity to experience such an experience. After all, being carried away by a good story, we live the life of its heroes and share with them their feelings and thoughts. That’s what I really want to achieve with my books – not to repeat the known truths or come up with new ones, but to give the reader to live a different life, looking at his own from the other side.

It is believed that fantasy is a way of escaping from reality into a fairy tale, into a fictional world where it is easier to distinguish between good and evil, and problems and difficulties are solved much easier and more clearly. The truth is there, but I’m interested in something else. My book is about living, real people and the real problems of their relationship, their aspirations, dreams, love, betrayal, cunning. The fictional world in which they live is a shell that I hope will allow the reader to focus on what was important to me: questions of life choice, opposition to fate and acceptance of one’s destiny and, most importantly, how our fleeting feelings and insignificant Acts, woven into the fabric of the world, sometimes exert a determining influence on the fate of thousands of people. That’s what I want to write about.



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