On different shores

On different shores BOOK I

This book is about people. About their aspirations, dreams, love, treachery, and cunning. The half-forgotten legends of the past and the harsh reality of the upcoming war, the age-old rivalry between powerful lords and the dramas of ordinary people interlace on the epic canvas of a fantastic world.

The first part of the book tells about a young blacksmith apprentice looking for his path of life. Berth is burdened by the gloomy routine of his native village, lost in the forests of the severe North, and he already did not hope to escape from the vicious circle of the everyday. However, the arrival of a stranger to his village brought frightening news about the upcoming changes. Forgotten fears return from the depths of antiquity, and now Berth has to make a difficult choice, on which depends not only his fate.

The second part tells how, on a usual working evening, a simple cabman from Larcia named Seyrong received an unexpected expensive gift, which one cannot reject. However, will this oddity bring happiness to the poor man’s family or become a cruel mockery of fate? In fact, the gained treasure opened the way for demons from the past, who had almost ruined his marriage some time before.

The third part of the story is told by Jane – the Prince’s wife. She was left alone – her beloved, the heir of the whole Empire, had completely disappeared. Unwilling to steep her pain in tears, Jane went down memory lane to about twelve years ago, into her childhood. Could she again challenge the inexorable fate? The path of life of the young girl, who survived the brutal raid of the northerners, propels the history, which changes the fate of the whole world and the life of each hero of the book.

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