Tower of knowledge

The Tower of Knowledge is one of the oldest structures of the Empire. It is situated in the heart of the capital – the city of Lestergard. This is a gigantic white tower spiraling into the sky. It stores the entire history of the united Shtorwood Empire, as well as an abundance of tomes from all corners of the world which hide the most valuable secrets.

16 June 2017
Notes by chaplain Barrius.

Today we will go to the nineteenth tier of the Tower of Knowledge. Into a forbidden section, inaccessible for most inhabitants of the Empire. We will get from the shelves of the great library an ancient tome called “Following the False Gods”. This is the largest collection of investigations of the Brotherhood of the Scarlet Glove. Here are collected minutes of interrogations, sorties’ notes, reports of the battles with heretics. The information contained therein is kept strictly confidential. After all, it may embarrass a neophyte’s mind. Let’s read the notes by chaplain Barrius.   … It is remarkable that the... Читать полностью

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