The Empire is a powerful state under, which banners united kingdoms and grand duchies.

It consists of three Grand Duchies (Arlandia, Lumebria, Sitengia), three kingdoms (Nosverit, Korwoodston, Westrong) and one province – the mysterious peninsula of Larcia.

The coat of arms of the Shtorwood Empire: a seven-point star with a crown in the center. The points symbolize the seven parts of the Empire, and the crown – the unification of power.

Despite the fact that the Empire is inhabited by many nations, most of its inhabitants are united by the faith of the six-winged Darghan, who is historically known as Darghan the Illuminator. At the dawn of the human race, this heavenly messenger gave people knowledge, teaching them crafts, how to process stone and iron, granting immutable truths, which became the dogmas of the new faith and written in “The Treatise of Changes”.

The largest kingdom is Nosverit. It was its ancient kings who founded the Shtorwood dynasty, which started the unification and the conquest of lands that later became a part of the Empire. However, during the capture of new territories, Nosverit has made use of the sword-law and redrawn its own borderlines, cutting off the game-rich forests from northern neighbors and taking a part of fertile lands from the southern ones, becoming the wealthiest and the most advantaged kingdom.

The center of the whole Empire is the wonderful white-stone town of Lestergard – the ancient capital of Nosverit. The Supreme Council seats in Lestergard, chaired by the Emperor, who is the supreme authority.

To the north of Nosverit in the vast steppes – the Harsh Desolations, where the wind blows unending are situated two Grand Duchies – Arlandia and Lumebria. Their capital-fortresses – Mogdenburg and Obinberg – stand on the Cold Channel shore and constitute the most important defensive points.

Only the northern duchies, who had already faced the danger, which lurked on the other side of the channel, agreed to join Nosverit voluntarily. The rest had to be persuaded with the help of threats, bribery and sharp swords. It took the Shtorwoods almost a hundred and fifty years to turn their dreams into reality and to build a great Empire, which frontiers spread from the cool streams of the Cold Channel to the salty waters of the Azure Sea, from the foothills of the Giant’s Fangs to the endless ocean of Infinity.

For seven years, northerners’ ships have never violated the Empire’s border. The unified power is stronger than ever. However, the eternal struggle for power and the loss of the Crown Prince threaten of the breach of its age long integrity.

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