The Ergunswald is a vast territory covered with savage forests rich in fowl, clear lakes and mighty chains of mountains.

The Ergunswald is the place where hoary antiquity legends and tales live.

The Ergunswald is the land belonging to a brave and courageous nation, tempered by the harsh nature and the bloody past. Here they honor their chieftains, ask wise shamans for advice, worship their ancestors and believe that the clear sky above their heads is a sign of an imminent disaster.

The northerners call their homeland Ergunswald. Translated from their dialect, the word “ergun” means “ancient ancestor”, and “swald” means “indigenous land”.

The capital of the entire Ergunswald is the unassailable city of Skymond. It stands on the shore of the majestic Dyarwig fjord, from where the redoubtable ships of the northerners pull off in long cruises in the cool waters of the Cold Channel.

Skymond is governed by hereditary chieftains wearing the honorary title “the Blessed by the Ancestors”. Not only the capital is under their protection, but all the lands to the north of the Cold Channel which serves as a natural boundary between the possessions of the Shtorwood Empire and Ergunswald.

Seven years have passed since the last war with the Empire ended. Now the throne of Skymond is occupied by Komyar, the son of Brudevar, the favorite chieftain of the North. However, the power of his son is like an autumn leaf: the crazy wind can at any moment tear it off and throw into mud. The lack of respect among the other leaders, the increase in monetary and foodstuff charges, which caused the expected discontent inside the country, where most of the inhabitants have proficient skills in using weapons, made Komyar’s power very fragile.

However, the main problem of the vast edge were the wild tribes which had emerged from nowhere in the last years of the war. Like a huge bear, tormented by a pack of fierce wolves, the North suffered from regular and brutal raids that left bloody wounds on its skin. Not a single settlement befell this trouble. Ergunswald has a great need for a leader who could unite people and repel the invaders.

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