Today we will go to the nineteenth tier of the Tower of Knowledge. Into a forbidden section, inaccessible for most inhabitants of the Empire. We will get from the shelves of the great library an ancient tome called “Following the False Gods”. This is the largest collection of investigations of the Brotherhood of the Scarlet Glove. Here are collected minutes of interrogations, sorties’ notes, reports of the battles with heretics. The information contained therein is kept strictly confidential. After all, it may embarrass a neophyte’s mind. Let’s read the notes by chaplain Barrius.


… It is remarkable that the first occurrence of these creatures was recorded thirty years after the burning of the monastery of Pure Hearts. This seems important to me, because this was only after the fratricidal war, which resulted in the loss of Korwoodston’s independence, that we encountered an unprecedented rejection of the Illuminator’s teachings and the emergence of lots of heretical cults. And I guess that these creatures could have been our coreligionists and fraters some time ago. The brothers who betrayed themselves and let demonize their souls. Apparently, they violated Darghan’s taboos and found an unknown source of dark knowledge and strength.

…In short conversations with survivors, these creatures often used the following phrase: “I shall continue to sow”. That’s why we called them sowers. Their acts and the direct meaning of this word allow us to conclude the following: creatures take the most active part in spreading heretical ideas and are the heads of many cults.

…I believe that their appearance which is nasty for a human eye was a direct consequence of the communication immediately with false gods. We are aware of a lot of cases when heretics’ the bodies were subjected to ugly metamorphoses.

…The sowers are perhaps the most terrible threat that we have ever encountered. Notwithstanding their origins, their abilities are astonishing. In all appearances, they have a colossal gift of suggestion, which makes them dangerous and unpredictable enemies. Meanwhile, there is a true case when, after a direct contact with this breed, the human’s mind remained unhurt. I’m talking about our brother Corzuill, who has become a model of fortitude. As you know, he managed to withstand a sower’s dreadful look and to preserve his soul clean. Basing on this, I conclude that one’s resistance to a sinister infusion depends on a human’s will and the sincerity of one’s faith…


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