I wrote my book in the subway. Crowds of people sweep past each other daily, among them managers, journalists, teachers, mechanics, artists, students, lawyers … but who there just is not. Standing in the subway car, I watched the expression of human faces and quite often found in them some kind of pressing fatigue, a dull irritation and a feeling of dissatisfaction. Feelings that at the end of the working day haunted me many times.

Having said to himself a firm one: “Enough,” I turned on the tablet and wrote the first lines: “A bright multicolored flash blinded Bert. The cozy sunset of the bedroom was unceremoniously invaded by sunlight. Walking through all corners of the room and finally driving out the night darkness, he declared himself the first harbinger of a new day … “

You know, when people find out that most of the book I wrote in the subway, they are slightly surprised. And I understand them perfectly. Indeed, the subway is not the quietest and quietest place where you can concentrate and remain alone with your thoughts. Although … For me it is not. .

When you take a tablet and open an unfinished chapter, then all unnecessary thoughts somehow go away of themselves, the right words, phrases, new plots are born in your head. And now, you no longer notice where you are and what is happening around. It takes a couple of minutes and .. you miss the right stop, because I’m too carried away and did not notice how quickly time flew by. You want to stay and write more. .

I believe that the most difficult thing here, and not only here, but in any sphere and undertakings, is to take the first step. Force yourself and just start. Without any “excuses” and excuses. Just take it and get started. And if there are problems with this (and they will certainly arise), remember your goals and dreams. It will help 🙂

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